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Ethnic Writers

Drive 9, 2015

Writing Response #1

Inside the novel The Moths And Other Short Testimonies, Helena Helen Viramontes produces the life's struggles of what Latinas in Are usually, and maybe around the world, may have to encounter through the diverse Latina character types in the story. Each part represents a different sort of experience these kinds of Latinas might face as they become teenagers and enter adulthood. The characters in the novel cover different aspects of your Latina's lifestyle as they experience abortion, religion, family culture and even fatality. These encounters are informed by Viramontes, who their self is Latino and was raised in Are usually, where the novel's setting happens. Although it is not confirmed that these experience may have got happened with her, Viramontes may act as an initial source since she is Latino herself and she may well have regarded someone who has knowledgeable some similar things the fact that characters in the novel knowledge. A Day Without A Mexican, is actually a satirical film that reveals the stereotypes of Mexicans in La, the same setting where the book takes place. These types of stereotypes are made through the well-liked culture in Los Angeles since the city houses many Mexican-American decedents. Similar to the novel, these types of stereotypes are experienced through the eyes of Mexican-Americans residing in Los Angeles. They will show, within a comedic approach, some of the aspects of being Mexican-American in La. Using techniques in Toni Morrison's " Black Matters, ” the audience may be influenced to think a certain way depending on simply how much exposure they may have on a particular ethnic group; the believability of the stereotypes coming from diverse ethnic organizations; and how the ethnic and gender background of the copy writers play a role in the way the personas are described in the film and in the novel.

In Toni Morrison's " Dark Matters, ” one thing Morrison writes regarding is just how certain literary works, specifically ethnic writing, may come with an influence upon its viewers depending on how much exposure the group has on a certain group of ethnic people (Morrison 13). Morrison writes about how precisely readers may well limit themselves on what they know due to information that is perceived in the books they have read or perhaps may have studied; the girl continues by listing many African-American freelance writers and the significant themes with their novels, describing the importance of reading these kinds of literary functions by ethnic copy writers of the same ethnicity. Morrison's concept of how a few readers may limit themselves on the actual know as a result of books that they read or study could be applied to the film Per day Without A Mexican. For example , the stereotypes of Mexicans the movie begins to demonstrate in the beginning of the film include: People in mexico jumping the boarder into California to escape poverty in Mexico; Mexicans being described as unrecorded immigrants and working unlawfully in Cal; and People in mexico working in Cal as farmers, herders and other manual labor careers, just to name a few. The group watching this kind of film is merely exposed to these particular views of Mexicans, the view outside the window that is getting illustrated inside the film. The audience is not being exposed to additional aspects of a Mexican's life, like the Latino characters which have been portrayed inside the novel, The Moths And Other Short Stories. Instead, the film shows popular stereotypes of Mexicans and it creates the optical illusion that all People in mexico have these types of characteristics. The audience is led to believe that this is the way all People in mexico are because the film limitations them to this kind of belief; the film will not display a precise statistic showing how many Mexicans in Washington dc carry the qualities that was once mentioned neither does it state how Mexicans in other regions of the United States will be perceived. Morrison's example how students can be limited to selected ethnic writers because of the the quantity of exposure they have to these copy writers, can also be noticed in the film A Day Without A Mexican as the film...

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