What according to T. S i9000. Eliot, is usually ‘dissociation of sensibility'? What is his impose against Milton and Dryden in the dissertation on ‘The Metaphysical Poets'? Eliot's theory of the ‘dissociation of sensibility' may be considered to be an attempt to look for some kind of historical explanation to the dissolution in the tradition of unified sensibility which identified its perfection in the writings of Dante and William shakespeare. The specific sensibility was obviously a sensibility which was the product of your true activity of the individual together with the traditional, of feeling with thought associated with the temporal with the timeless. It was not merely representative of your head of Europe but as well of the practices of Western european thought and culture. But unfortunately, according to Eliot, the practices of specific sensibility had been suddenly interrupted in the 17th century because of a divided in the creative personality with the artist, that he formulated his renowned theory with the ‘dissociation of sensibility. '

For Eliot, as with Coleridge, poetry is known as a union of opposites although whereas Coleridge explains that the reconcilation of opposites can be brought about by the synthetic benefits of the secondary imagination, Eliot replaces the words ‘secondary imagination' by the terms ‘unified sensibility' to express the operation from the poet's brain. Eliot designates primacy to the poetic feeling which for him is a basis for writing beautifully constructed wording. By ‘sensibility' Eliot does not merely imply feeling or perhaps the capacity to acquire sense impression. He means much more than that. Simply by ‘sensibility' this individual means an artificial faculty, a school which can emulsify and combine thought and feeling, that may fuse into a single whole the varied and barbaridad, often opposing and contrary experiences, the sensuous as well as the intellectual. The truly amazing Elizabethans and early Jacobeans had designed a single sensibility. For this reason they were widely read, and the thinking and learning customized their method of feeling. Such a fusion of thought and...


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