The tragic show up of Oedipus in Sophocles play " Oedipus Rex" is both self-inflicted and result of events drawn from his own success. First off in early stages in Oedipus' life his first dangerous mistake towards succeeding his self-inflicted demise was the tough of his father the previous king. In a blind craze without any motive, he kills Liaus great men in a rode crossing. Fate may experienced led him to that level but it was his personal rage that resulted in his biggest oversight. Further proof of his self-inflicted downfall Oedipus' was at the hands of his very own ignorance. This kind of ignorance coupled with his uncooperative, determined attitude does not allow him foresight. This foresight may have led to a lot of restraint in the decision and rash activities. Such an model would be his blatant ignoring of Teriesas' subtle hints as to why he holds his tongue, " It is because I see your terms, sir, tending/To no good end; therefore I protect my own. Even so Oedipus' self-assurance leads Oedipus to believe that the evidence provided before him by the window blind prophet Teriesas is say non-sense and turns the rap instead after him. This kind of ignorance is usually not clear to Oedipus as he is still operating his magnificent riddle solution he conjured to save the town. However , his hastiness can be later changed by his insecurity and self-doubt during the angnorisis when the light can be shed in the lacking investigative skills. Furthermore ever so obvious rashness Oedipus then more than steps even his individual bounds simply by heading the investigation only. Before gathering even gathering any see or proof Oedipus is definitely quick to draw not simply conclusions regarding newfound think status, but worse grows a evil connection among two very unlikely suspects, " Have you the eye to stand before my personal door/Proved plotter against my entire life, thief of my crown? "[pg40]. Creon in that case tries to alert Oedipus about his condemning, " To slur an excellent man's name/With baseless slander is one particular crime-another/Is rashly to problem...


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