In a better world, Beautiful Beings may have been the next Twilight. Alright, so it's not really about teenage girl who falls long and hard for a goule. It's in regards to a teenage son who declines long and hard for the witch. A boy named Ethan Wate provides a strange recurring dream that haunts his sleep, although he favors anything to his waking life, caught up in a small, traditional Southern city with his with his withdrawn dad. To me, that kind of appears a lot like To Kill a Mocking Bird. An reluctant new arrival in the tiny South Carolina town of Gatlin, Lena can be one surly girlie. To get near her when she has really within a bad mood can be downright risky. Thunder and lightning can be summoned instantly. Windows may shatter. Period, itself, could be turned within. It takes some explaining to reach the bottom of what is going on. All you really need to understand is Lena is web host to a set of supernatural capabilities she is however to properly funnel. However , when she becomes 16 - only an issue of several weeks away as the film begins -- Lena will end up a fully-fledged " Caster" (a witch-like being with spells that can control every situation). While most Casters live in the open inside the mortal universe, they are banned from creating romantic accessories to simple humans. Which is where Ethan comes in. A great off-the-wall thinker and in-over-his head romantic, this good ol' The southern part of boy can be not gonna let a lot of ancient dukun rules specify who he should be going out with. Particularly following working and so diligently to be able to through the many force fields (metaphorical and literal) to discover the real Lena. The boy-meets-girl-means-trouble stuff in Beautiful Animals is handled very craftily by writer-director Richard LaGravenese. Yes, it is a little bit cheesey, but it is also fun due to a clever, sarcastic undercurrent of humour that exerts a powerful move on the movie script. When the general vibe of gorgeous Creatures abruptly switches by compelling to camp - which it can a few times - the film will continue to not shed...


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