Professor Marin

MGT 3211

11 February 2014

Theft at work

The Company I used to be working for, at the moment, had a firm policy relating to cases of theft of company property. As gear becomes aged and obsolete new equipment is purchased even though the old equipment is placed on a table to be sold by bid each month. One day I realize a valued employee (bob) who is two months away from retirement slide an electric drill from the stand and put this in his car before the working day of the sales. From a great ethical standpoint, I know robbing and robbery is incorrect but provided the recommendations of Joe, and all he is done for the company, I used to be torn between what to do. On one hand, Bob was stealing real estate from the organization out proper, there was zero denying that, and this individual knew that. On the other hand, your dog is worked in this company for 25 years, and to let a $60 drill completely ruin his career with the corporation, and probably affect his retirement benefits, just seemed so wrong. The burning question My spouse and i kept aiming to answer was " Do i need to say some thing? Or just perform like I under no circumstances saw that? ” My personal position within the matter was difficult to appear to, yet in the end I did so what I'd want carried out for me. I actually looked at the problem from both equally sides of watch, the company and Bob's and tried to obtain a grasp from the bigger picture. I knew the company's coverage was right, after all they were doing for its personnel, theft was not acceptable. Yet, while looking by Bob's viewpoint I could see how he believed 1 little drill couldn't hurt the business; after all she has done. My personal Position: We approached Frank, told him that I saw what this individual did, and asked him to do the right thing and place the drill back available. I informed him coming from all he was standing to lose and told him that I wouldn't speak of this kind of matter to anyone if perhaps he would do the right point. But if not really, then I possess a ethical duty to my organization to tell them as to what I had noticed. Bob said he comprehended, and stated he wasn't really considering clearly, and replaced the drill....

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