BTEC Level 3

Diploma in

Travel and Travel

Long-haul Travel Spots (Unit 8)

10 Credits Unit.


Guitar tutor: Simon Johnson

Inner Verifier: At the Gensler

In house Verified and Approved: September 2013

Handed to students: Week commencing ninth September 2013

Assessment turn in date: Particular Dates will be included in the Course Assessment Plan

Assignment front sheet

Learner name

Assessor name

Sue Smith

Date issued

Completion date

Submitted upon

W/C ninth September 2013

January 2014


Product number and title

BTEC Level several Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Product 8 – Long-haul Travel and leisure Destinations

Task title

Everyone should be open to the world of Long-haul Travel (P1) & (P2)

In this evaluation you will have in order to provide data against the pursuing criteria. Show the page numbers where evidence are available.

Criteria reference

To achieve the conditions the evidence must show that

trainees is able to:

Job no .



Identify major Long-haul tourist destinations in several continents

one particular


Outline various kinds of holidays obtainable in long-haul spots that meet up with specific UK visitor inspirations


Novice declaration

We certify the fact that work published for this job is my own, personal and research sources happen to be fully known.

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Assignment brief


BTEC Level 3 Degree or diploma in Travelling and Travel and leisure

Unit number and subject

Unit eight – Long-haul Travel Locations

Start date

Week commencing 9th Sept. 2010 2013


seventh October 2013

Assessor term

Simon Johnson

Job title

Everyone should be open to the world of Long-haul Travel (P1) & (P2)

The purpose of this assignment is always to:

Have the ability to locate major Long-haul places of the world and also know the types of vacations offered within the Long-haul places that meet different visitor motivations Scenario

You have recently been offered a brief position as an assistant in the planning department of a tour operator that specialises in Long-haul travel This is at present a " probationary” content and it is hoped that it will result in a permanent session in the future, be subject to you upping your skills and knowledge within this highly specialized area of the travel around and travel and leisure industry.

You will be invited to develop a number of responsibilities that will assist you to be able to find major long-haul destinations, be familiar with nature of long-haul travelling and factors which have an effect on customer alternatives, understand the features which make long-haul destinations charm to different client types and, once you have cultivated your knowledge, prepare an actual long-haul tour.

It truly is hoped, that once you have finished these duties, you will be hired as a full-time employee – good luck!

Task 1

In order to encourage the department supervisor you have a " sound” working knowledge of the diverse locations, you need to develop a series of roadmaps, in which you can accurately identify major long-haul destinations of the world. You will have to master these destinations " off by heart” as your manager will be assessment you in your knowledge and definitely will expect a high degree of accuracy in your accomplished answers!

(P1) What do I need to perform to successfully to complete task1?

Pertaining to P1, you ought to be able to track down the continents, major visitor receiving areas, major long-haul tourist generating countries and in addition tourist attractions over a series of maps under test out conditions with no use of reference material. You will also need to submit your completed booklet of maps to be directed away towards the external pemandu.

Please understand that this is not a race...


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