Need for Speed is the latest attempt at adapting a video game for feature film audiences, a feat that has been attempted often times before to mostly unsatisfactory results. Beyond that, although,  Need pertaining to Speed is a rare entry in a vehicle movie genre, which has been dominated for the last 10 years by The Quickly and the Furious franchise. We more than likely say the two are immediate competitors, while both deploy different methods, but there is no question Need for Speed is pursuing a similar audience. Considering that, all of us thought it will be interesting to compare both freshman attempts of each operation based on some key classes. Keep reading to learn which film ultimately benefits.


1 ) The Cars

Of course,  The Fast and the Furious and Need for Speed deploy two strikingly different methods when it comes to their very own car choices.  F& N, for example , was focused on the import tuner scene, where Japanese models like Mitsubishi's Eclipse and Honda's Civic are changed into high performance machines. Sure, every car had its own character (flashy colours, light sets, body modifications), but they were more like exts of their racer's personality. With that being said, very few with the cars on display in The Fast and the Furious left us drooling. Need for Speed, on the other hand, applies to broke with some of the most unique cars on this planet, from Bugatti to McLaren to Koenigsegg. These are vehicles that are well worth more than a few of the Need pertaining to Speed actor's wages, and wish not kidding. More importantly, nevertheless, they are quickly all by themselves (see: our Complete Need for Rate Car Guide). In terms of every film's car " cast, ” competition isn't even close. The Winner:  Need for Velocity


2 . The Cast

If we are going to talking many celebrated ensemble, then Need pertaining to Speed edges out F& F by a wide margin because of in significant (whole) portion to Glowing Globe and Emmy winner Aaron Paul. Unfortunately, the rest of the Need for Speed cast is filled by less popular faces and one big name star in Michael Keaton. What's worse, a lot of the assisting cast can be relegated towards the role of comedic alleviation in some kind or another. Keaton, Paul, and Imogen Poots are truthfully the only popular members in the cast equally as celebrities and as characters. The Fast and the Furious didn't boast much in the way of best name ability when it initial debuted, nevertheless at the very least this tried to complete its solid with a wide variety of personalities. Leading man Paul Master admittedly wasn't as well known as Aaron Paul at the time, nevertheless the folks behind F& F surrounded him with a ensemble that didn't feel like lots of one-note clichés. It says a lot once, five videos later, viewers turn out in droves to see the original players reunite. The Winner:  The Fast plus the Furious


3. His passion Interest

The Fast plus the Furious doubles down with two love interests, but however it relegates both Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) to the periphery. They are the equipment head female friends or potential girlfriends that have some know-how about cars, but get little screen period. Rodriguez really does get a handful of actual actions moments, yet her simple late-film tricks are considerably overshadowed. Then simply there is Imogen Poots, who will be alongside Aaron Paul for nearly the entire film, even hopping behind the wheel for just one of the film's better actions sequences. She has a British with a temperament, and the best counterbalance to Paul's personality. To be fair, Poots has her discuss of woman in problems moments, yet her display time and strength of figure help place her above your common love fascination role. The Winner:  Need for Velocity


four. The Villain

Dominic Cooper‘s role as Dino Brewster, the villain in Need pertaining to Speed, is usually appropriately oozy, but it will not resonate on the level that you could call unforgettable. Sure, this individual does the horrific deed, he further backs that plan more underhanded moves, and he by no means learns his lesson, nevertheless the characterization of Brewster is only that of a passable villain. While...


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