If you have completed this course, you will have one more chance to review this research and see how many of the record references you noted shall no longer be unfamiliar. The real test of the knowledge of figures will be your ability to gain perception from the data presented in such studies or the media at large. Please make sure you keep a duplicate of the content and the Learning Activity web page - you should have them towards the end of the session. Remember to put your backup in a secure place - a place you can find at the end of the semester.



Name: _Chinyere Udeh

Day: ___09/03/2013

Subject of examine: In-hospital Final results Associated with Stent-Assisted Endovascular Remedying of Unruptured Desapasionado Aneurysms in the united states. ( Journal of Neuro Interventional Surgery). Purpose of research: To signify how motivation and essential the Stent-Assisted Endovascular Treatment of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms is and how it includes increasingly turn into an acceptable alternative in medical practice. Record methods and analysis used in study: Strategies used were descriptive statistics and Inferential statistics. Therefore, descriptive is employed statistically by database of in-hospital fatality rate of patients cured with Stent-Assisted coiling and mortality price for those in the non-stent group. Inferential is employed statistically by identifying how Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) database by 2004 – 2008 identified and compared outcomes of coiling of intracranial aneurysms with minus a stent. Analysis utilized were JMP V. on the lookout for software for stent and non-stent organizations and had been presented since medians and interquartile amounts. How do you rate knowing about it of the record methods utilized in this examine and the outcomes of the analysis? (Choose one)

Minimal Moderate Satisfactory What other questions did this study raise for you?

1 . How do I best display these data to be able to convey my message to...


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