The faith most people have inside their individual awareness of the truth is brought into issue upon studying Plato's Allegory of the Cave. In this excerpt from The Republic, Plato queries the quality of our awareness by using the example of the cave, where criminals are stored underground and forced to appearance upon the shadows of " real" objects. Stored there as birth, they have taken the shadows to get reality, and with their necks chained so they really cannot appearance about, they have assumed these shadows of reality will be reality alone.

So allow us to go one particular step additional, and place yourself in the situation of such prisoners, and assume that we too don't have any knowledge of our captivity or of the deceit of reality that we have turn into accustomed to seeing that birth. So then who also are people with seen sunlight and recently been freed from this kind of misleading penitentiary? Are there any? This can be a question that interests myself most. Light beer the insane, the faith based fanatics, the serial criminals or maybe the hermits? Or perhaps is mankind entirely unenlightened with no the one that has prevailed in escaping captivity (or perhaps nobody that has desired to succeed).

Bandeja reasons that until we have been outside the box of the reality, there is absolutely no wisdom in our false feeling of perception. At the same time, Jung said that there is absolutely no reality apart from in belief. Which makes sense, perhaps you cannot find any reality, simply our specific perceptions. Thus then can be wisdom without a doubt non-existent, or is it merely in taking that understanding is certainly not reality and vice versa? Or possibly we need only to be open towards the idea of our reality being false; and this to accept the possibility that we yourself are chained in place and shown simply shadows of reality is enough.


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