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Essay about buddhism and hinduism follow

collection of related beliefs and practices, followers often attend temple, follow strict standards of conduct, or practice religious rituals, but none are requiredHinduismHoly text Hinduno single scripture, thousands collections of writingsteachings including Bhagavad Gita and VedasAryansfrom Central Asia; migrated around 1500 BC to India; light-skinned; dominated India 1000 yrs; developed caste system; used Sanskrit; no written languagereincarnation Hinduaka samsara; any form of life during rebirth; no beginning, no end for many; karma determines form of rebirth, is how to write a thematic statement essay by daily conduct; justifies caste systemcaste systemBrahmin Kshatriya Vaishya SudraDalits below caste system, 8220;children of God8221;Brahminhighest rank priests and intellectual leaders of Hindu societyKshatriyarulers and warriors, protectpromote material well-being of societyVaishyafarmers, merchants, contributors to economySudraworkers and servants, menial labor for upper 3 ranks is their jobDalitsfifth category emerged who shot tupac essay time; they are excluded from all rituals; banned from public some places in India; had to identify themselves as untouchables to be avoidedMonismone god many gods, esp. Shiva, Vishnu, BrahmaShiva8220;The Destroyer8221;, god of deathdestruction, reproduction, and danceVishnu8220;The Preserver8221; humane god of lovebenevolence; appeared on earth 9 times to preserverestore humanity; will appear once more to signify end of the worldBrahmaoldest, least popular abuse in foster homes articles essay gods creator of societynatureHindu ceremoniesritual purification emphasized; 8220;eligible to achieve absolute knowledge8221; (who is.

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