Lester R. Bittel explained " Good plans form good decisions. That's why very good planning helps to make evasive dreams come true. " An excellent plan will help us to settle on track with the goals, prioritize by what is the most important, and to take the appropriate steps to meet our goals and achieve that which in turn we desire. In any field of study, and in your life, having a very good plan allows us to accomplish our desired goals and to make us more successful in all of the of our undertakings.

I have various goals i would like to obtain over the subsequent five to ten years in the areas of education, career, and my personal existence. Five years from at this point we will be coming into the year of 2015. 3 weeks from now I will be completing my own first yr at the Axia College with the University of Phoenix which usually puts me personally half approach through obtaining my Affiliate of Arts in General Education. Upon January on the lookout for, 2011 I will graduate from the Axia College of the University of Phoenix, az with my personal Associate of Arts in Elementary Education. After graduating with my Associate of Arts in Elementary Education I will begin looking for a paraprofessional educator job in a local elementary school to ensure that I can gain some first hand experience in the classroom. I would like to experience a better truly feel of what like to work in the classroom with elementary aged learners before my own first yr of teaching. That stuff seriously the benefits of doing work as a paraprofessional educator are very important to my success being a teacher. By the end of the 12 months of 2012 I will commence my a dozen weeks of student instructing to render me even more so in functioning and educating within a class setting and help me to obtain my instructing certification. In January of 2013 I will graduate from the Axia School of the College or university of Phoenix, az with my Bachelor of Science in Education/Elementary Instructor Education and may begin looking for any permanent teaching position at a local grammar school working as a fifth quality teacher. 10 years from today we will be coming into the year of 2020. I would like to continue functioning as a 6th grade tutor through out now and I wish to continue my education although teaching full-time. I would like to have my expert and doctor degrees in a shorter time frame than usual in order that I can work with my personal existence goals i will not be capable to work on whilst completing my educational and career desired goals. I would like to carry on furthering my own education through the Axia College of the University of Phoenix to obtain my Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education and my Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Supervision. I would like to obtain both of these completed within 4 years which in turn would be in the year of 2017. I would like to continue teaching the fifth grade for ten years (the 12 months 2023) after which begin looking to get a job as a principle associated with an elementary school. My personal final job goal is usually to eventually focus on the school panel and then end up being the district superintendent of schools so that I can help to improve the local colleges. I would like to find out graduation rates increased, school safety dealt with, and a sizable improvement inside the standardized screening of college students.

In order to accomplish these goals there are many steps that I need to take. There are also many obstacles that we will need to conquer in order to obtain these goals. In order to accomplish my educational goals Let me need to keep track with my personal classes, be sure that I satisfy all of the requirements in order to graduate student, and to steer clear of taking virtually any breaks between classes to ensure that I can graduate student within the time period that I possess set intended for myself. I have to make sure that the participation requirements are met, that I keep my grades up, that my assignments are completed on time, to make sure to have the suitable materials which might be required for the class, and to have materials that help me to be organized like a day planner and sticky notes. I really do not see any road blocks in achieving my desired goals of obtaining my Connect of Artistry in Primary Education degree and...

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