The character in the swipe in Sherwood Anderson's " Now i am A Fool" reminds someone of M. D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield -- a slightly unschooled youth seeking success through ordinary means. Headstrong and identified to make some thing of himself, Anderson's swipe could be anyone of a million young men all over the world. Driven by his aspire to make him self feel like this individual has worth, the swipe continually demonstrates a great deal of motivation. Due to the swipe's consistency of character, one can easily make clear his activities and foresee those which he may make. Through close study of the character's plausibility, simply by demonstrating his consistency, and by evaluating his motivation, you can clearly see the depth from the swipe in Sherwood Anderson's " I am just A Trick. "

Being an can find kids like Holden Caulfield nearly anywhere; the swipe's easy believability comes from the commonness of his character. Anderson's swipe tries not to attain worldly greatness but to generate himself believe that he has already achieved every thing he will ever need. The mindset of perceived flawlessness predominates the thinking of various teenagers, quite especially males. However his lack of prefer to further him self comes also from the perception that he does not have the mental ability to become higher. The swipe's easy going mother nature and utterly common place attitude endears him to the audience, thus producing his persona easily believable and somebody the reader can relate to.

Anderson's swipe would like to have the people around him see him as more a common swipping. Because of this, the reader can easily see his actions straight result from his desire to make himself appear more important, that they result from a great inferiority complex. The swipe's disdain in the man with all the Windsor connect and his activities towards him give apparent


example of his efforts at posturing and do it yourself assurance of superiority. His philosophy of putting up an excellent front reveals the reader his subconscious...


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