What enduring picture of the grandmother …………?

Inside the short history The Family portrait of a Girl, the author KS describes a particular bond among himself fantastic grandmother. This individual narrates how a relationship grows over the years and changes while the grand son grows up as well as the grandmother grows older. The storyplot also offers a picture of the outdated lady in a poignant fashion. The author was left inside the care of his grandmother inside the village while his parents were settling down inside the city. The old lady was both a friend and a surrogate mom for the tiny lad and ensured his proper upbringing. She would come with him to school every morning and was vigilant regarding his meaningful and religious training. (Explain how…. with quotes). Even though a little kid, the author valued and respected his grandmother for her piety and kindness that was evident….. (explain …. temple…scriptures…dogs…). When they relocated to the city, she continued to share his room and take interest in his research. However , it was " a turning point " in their camaraderie as the girl no longer followed him to school. Moreover she neither recognized nor permitted of his education inside the city institution that included " British words and little things of western science and learning”. The lady further distanced herself from him on learning that having been being offered music lessons, which the girl considered to be underhanded, at university. However , your woman accepted the situation stoically and " accepted her privacy with resignation” when the author was given a room of his own. Her deep faith based fervour ongoing as " she seated by her wheel content spinning and reciting prayers”. Feeding the sparrows in the verandah became one other significant goal in her life. (Explain why? ). The author was certain that his grandmother will be upset on hearing about his plans to travel abroad for additional studies. But she remained resilient yet passive while she attended see him off at the railway place. Her dignity and arranged self curious the author as she not talked nor...


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