Lennie Little has a very symbolic importance in the book Of Mice and Males. In the book George Milton and Lennie Small equally migrant employees pursue their dream of sooner or later owning their own ranch by traveling around working since ranch hands to make a living. The wish they share is to be able to " eat only the fat of the land, " page 13. Lennie Little is a very intricate character, though he may not appear to be initially. Lennie is the most interesting personality in the new because he varies from the other is many ways.

Lennie Small ironically is a gentleman of large stature and very good. He is child-like in his feelings and has a diminished mental capacity. Lennie's feelings are like that of a normal person at the time you take into consideration that he is mentally retarded. Certainly one of Lennie's biggest concerns is that of a continuing friendship with George. Over the novel their friendship can be affirmed as Lennie says, " BecauseВ…В…because I got you to look after me, and you received me to look after you, " page 16. Lennie has a distrust of individuals except for George. Also, Lennie is not necessarily sure with what is right and what is wrong; he relies on George to make the distinction pertaining to him. Lennie lacks the understanding that his actions possess consequences. This really is seen when he holds to his pet mouse thus tightly that he gets rid of it. Lennie walks his way through life totally oblivious to the risks of the world holding on to the think of someday buying a farm with his best friend George.

Lennie would not understand his own strength and also is lacking in the knowledge of what is socially acceptable habit. George understands that the awful things that Lennie really does are not dedicated out of meanness. Lennie knows that this individual doesn't easily fit in, for example Lennie says, " Well, I can go away, I will go right off in the hills and find a cave. " page 104. Lennie's fortune symbolizes that he has become a menace to society. If you are unable to function within the rules of world than...


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