Oceanic Mythology

Two classical civilizations, Rome and Greece, both are well known for the world. Their particular mythology specifically, because aspects of their people tales condition modern society. However what about mythology originating in other areas of the world? What makes Roman and Greek traditions such crucial sources of folklore? Seemingly unprecedented stories from other regions of our planet harvest rich culture that hasn't dissipated into contemporary culture and Greek traditions yet present intriguing tales on man life. Specifically, in Oceanic regions just like Polynesia and Melanesia carry stories have already been told pertaining to hundreds of generations that are almost unknown in Western culture (Wikipedia). It's a travesty that such interesting tales of Oceanic lifestyle haven't turn into important to the rest of the world, but thankfully in these islands they have importance.

In Oceania, particularly in the area of Polynesia oceanic people presumed that ‘Forever', Darkness, plus the Sea usually existed (Pantheon). " Scholars believe that humans first migrated to Polynesia from Southeast Asia about 2, 000 years ago. These folks carried with them their particular mythological customs about incidents, deities, and heroes” (mythencyclopedia). And thus, a tale of creation was cooked up. The story starts with a huge Spider locating a giant clovisse, and crawling inside of it. It absolutely was extremely dark inside of the clovisse, but the index managed to find a snail inside the clam. The spider asked the snail to open the shell a bit, because it was so darker. The snail cracked wide open the mouth from the clam, and it became the moon losing some light in the pure darkness. One more snail came to help the spider push the top of the clam's shell wide open further, as well as the sky was developed, (and known as goddess Rangi). The index then forced open at the bottom of the cover, and the globe was created, (referred to as being a god, Papa). This is one version of the story that it told throughout Oceania. The other edition of this account tells that the ‘supreme deity' (Usually Po or Io) creates almost everything. Both variations however tell that Papillas and Rangi create plant life and pets, and " Papa Globe was a empress, and Rangi Sky, a god, sibling and buddy. They cohabited and created the initial ancestors of most mankind” (pantheon).


In certain islands in Oceania, a tale tells the earth was made after a rock and roll fell into the sea, although other parts believe that a butterfly made earth from the sea. The stories change due to position. For instance, in Tahitian mythology, the great creator deity was Ta'aroa who was created from a ‘cosmic egg'. He stuffed the world with all the creatures and things that are now present in it. Several Tahitians believed in Ta'aro granting supreme magic, yet likewise being cause terrible points happen that is known. They would make an effort to please him by making human being sacrifices (Mythencyclopedia). Most destinations located in Oceania however , bottom their mythology off of the same Gods. Haumia god of plants and vegetables, Tane god of forests, Su god of war, Lono god of heavens, and Pele god of fire are only a few that reoccur through the history of Ocani'as mythology. (Mythencyclopedia). It seems to be a pattern that the civilizations near to the ocean have creation myths all involving the sea. Just like areas with a lot of snow could have legends regarding snow, and places with lots of trees could have tales regarding nature.

Goddess, Rangi (ssqq)

Moving on different destinations of Polynesia, the small destinations of Samoa have many tales that provide probe and lessons to everyday life, including ‘The Tree of Life' (nzetc. victoria. alternating current. nz). The storyplot follows a Samoan woman Leutogitupaitea whom marries Mote-Yale

the king of Cubierta. The Tongan king was once married into a Tonagan woman, and they a new child collectively. The king's new partner was struggling to conceive, and a jealous rage killed the baby. The kings Tongan wife arrived at...


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