Principles of promoting

Term 2, 2013/2014

Module handbook

Module Head: Dr . Grettle Peng


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Crucial Dates

In-module assignment

Task 1 (Presentation)Week 9& 12

Assignment two (individual reflecting essay)27th Drive 2014


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1 . Introduction1

installment payments on your Module is designed, learning effects & a sign content2

3. How do I go this component? 3

four. Teaching and class work3

5. Examining guide some

6. Assessment5

6. you In-module group presentation6

6. 2 In-module group business presentation written report8

7. Component calendar & week by week session guide12

8. Appendix 1- CW1 Guideline13

9. Appendix 2- CW2 Guideline15

15. Appendix 3- Group contract for BBUS402 Guidelines of Marketing17

Session Social grace

1 . Launch

Marketing influence our daily life consciously and subconsciously. Their perceived benefits and hazards to society, businesses, and individuals are broadly recognised by the public. In spite of these perceptions are not usually accurate, but you may be wondering what is without a doubt is the fact marketing since an educational discipline and a career route has attracted further focus from the pupils in recent years.

This kind of module provides an essential launch and prepares you to develop this at later levels, academically and professionally. In addition , it is key to several business degrees as well as the marketing pathway. With our instructing team, we hope that you will find this kind of module inspiring and that it will eventually provide you with a good foundation intended for recognising advertising its great and negative impact in your everyday globe.

Dr . Norman Peng

Module Leader

Room: M114

Ext.: N/A

Email: And. [email protected] ALTERNATING CURRENT. UK

Business office hour: Wednesday (1245-1345);

Thursday (1330-1430)

2 . Component aims, learning outcomes & indicative content material

Module Is designed

Enable you to recognise, describe and relate the experience of marketing activities Allow you to identify the key concepts and techniques of promoting and apply them to business problems Develop transferable skills necessary for advertising practice Vitally understand the effect of marketing and the criticisms it faces

Module outcomes

Identify and explain the use of promoting tools and techniques Apply marketing tools and ways to business situations

Construct and present tips in a logical manner

Understand marketing past its immediate business implications

A sign Syllabus Content material

The following matters may be protected and are certainly not limited to: Marketing as exchange; marketing way of thinking and strategy; role of marketing in society. Introduction to issue based learning and energetic learning.

The marketing environment; services, b2b and foreign marketing; cultural and contextual implications. Collecting and applying marketing info; marketing exploration.

Consumer behavior; describing, segmenting and focusing on...

References: When: March 27th (1300 hours periods, 1PM).

Who: This can be an individual-based assignment


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