Student ID: 282826Supervisor: Jan Friis

Bachelor Thesis

Effective Company Building

A Case Study of McDonald's Company

Jaroslaw Sliwka

Aarhus School of Business

Aarhus University



The changing world has encouraged big companies to produce more personal connection with consumers. In addition , the sustaining on this relationship is necessary. The concept which is used by the corporations and be successful is definitely brand building. Even though businesses establish the brand, not all are using it properly and produce a good use of it. Maximum utility and using every aspects of the brand name is the key to success. To do that, the information about the brand name is necessary. Thesis will present tips on how to effectively build a strong brand by taking assumptive and useful perspective. At the beginning reader will probably be provided with various concepts in the field of branding. Next, the case of McDonald's Company will be examined. Analysis of McDonald's brand building process will help in understanding how this kind of extraordinary brand was created. Inside the theoretical portion there will be five main issues brought up. First various ideas of what a brand is definitely and precisely what are the function of the brand will probably be described. Following gaining know-how what a company is, diverse approaches how to build a brand happen to be presented. There after the idea of brand equity and valuable functions it execute of the brand is definitely explained. The procedure of creation of brand equity can be done thanks to manufacturer equity individuals. Different sort of drivers and function they carry out for company equity are described. At the conclusion of this section, after knowing the basic element of the brand, almost all is described by exhibiting various versions useful in determining brand and its particular equity. Almost all theories are helpful in evaluating and talking about effective company building process. The second part of the thesis targets McDonald's. Examination starts with brief presentation of some necessary to the case information. After that brand equity individuals of McDonald's are described 1 by 1, together with the function they conduct for brand equity. Then the overview of McDonald's struggle with the brand is offered in chronological order. The two of this areas show, that McDonald's can be described as successful business thanks to right brand management and regular control over the image. By implementing numerous elements company can be safe that even if one of them fail, there are other folks to compensate for it. Last section of practical use of branding knowledge present McDonald's on Manufacturer Asset Valuator Unit and the monetary value of the brand. Even though McDonald's has a minor loss of brand equity beliefs it symbolize towards competition, the financial result are many times better then the types of competitors. After this brief summary the future of McDonald's is believed. Thesis displays it is important to get companies to possess a well believed our branding strategy and knowledge of brand building processes. Learning role the brand name performs and the process of brand building permit the company to regulate how it truly is assessed in consumers' thoughts. Careful learning McDonald's company building process shows that the company knows just how to deal having its brand and proper company management can be their competitive advantage.

Table of Contents

1 ) Introduction. four

Problem Statement5



Delimitations and Assumptions6

installment payments on your Theoretical qualifications of brand building. 8

installment payments on your 1 . The manufacturer. 8

2 . 1 . 1 ) What is the brand9

2 . 1 . installment payments on your Role in the brand9

installment payments on your 1 . 3. Extend of branding. 10

2 . installment payments on your Brand building. 12

2 . 2 . 1 . Brand Building Theories. doze

2 . 2 . 2 . Precisely what is brand building for? 17

2 . a few. Brand Equity17

2 . three or more. 1 . Precisely what is brand fairness? 18

2 . 3. 2 . Brand value theory (elements of brand equity and their function)19 2 . several. 3. Manufacturer equity drivers (building company equity). 21

2 . 5. Brand life cycle, enlargement and position on the market. twenty-eight...

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