Changing My Major

Annie Farber

Friends College or university

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Changing My Major

Registering at Friends University Junior year I had developed the mind pair of what I wished to major in. Majoring inside the Ballet Plan was the route I was so positive that might lead myself to my personal future job after college. But following getting settled into college or university and moving out of condition my mind dress the path I had chosen changed.

In April of 2011 my senior 12 months of high university I had visited Friends School during my Spring Break. Actually, I was never excited to go to the campus. Moving into Chicago, ELLE all my existence, the thought of gonna school in Kansas did not spark my personal interest. When I arrived on grounds my frame of mind on how We felt transformed. The first thing I discovered was just how amazing the grass seemed. It was a pleasant 80 level day. I actually felt and so welcomed by admissions workplace. While visiting on campus I had my ballet season casting with Sharon Rogers. She made me experience so comfortable that I wasn't even stressed. My casting went a lot better than I had prepared. Sharon took me into her office to see me i had been acknowledged into the Entracte Program. After she explained the amazing information, I immediately knew that Friends University or college was the correct fit personally. As I was walking back in the Davis Building, I couldn't quit smiling. I was going to university as a Interlude Major.

While waiting for my own in the acces office, I discovered all the other flyers for the other dominant offered at Friends. I looked at some of these, but the a single flyer that caught my attention besides the Ballet sheet was the Zoo Science hazard. I found the flyer and browse it. The classes are available in that discipline seemed thus interesting and different from the classes that I was taking. The thought of working like a Zoo Owner seemed like it will be such an enjoyable but hard working encounter. I had went back to Sharon's office in Riney and asked if it was likely to double major being a Ballet Significant along with Zoo Research. She acquired told me that it would be...


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