Machiavelli's The Royal prince

Chapters 15-18 Thesis

Phase XV

Thesis- In order to be a great leader one must sit.

Important points- In this section Machiavelli makes distinctions about how things must be and how they are. Machiavelli tells market leaders to slim toward self-preservation, to do this he insists they are going to have to rest in certain situations. Regardless if a prince thinks something is awful or wicked, if it is important to maintain a desired state of being, he or she must do it- it is his duty. Chapter XVI

Thesis- If a prince is to be successful he must be miserly. Generosity is the worst activity. To be miserly does not cause one to proceed poor. It is good to get generous with money, simply not your individual if you want aid legacy. Significant points – Machiavelli functions that a prince must be over the top about his generosity to achieve a trustworthiness of being good. He the distinction stating if you are trying to be prince, he or she must be generous, if you are already a prince he or she must be miserly. Machiavelli uses Pope Julius the Second as one example of a head who come to his title by reputations of liberality, yet would not maintain this reputation when he arrived at power; as a result he was hated. The Ruler of Italy never were required to impose huge tax requirements to his people in times of war because of his thriftiness. Machiavelli indicates the reason for that the King of Spain attained his a large number of enterprises if it is reputed generous. He procedes use Rendir, Cyrus, and Alexander while examples of market leaders who during their time of regulation maintain all their reputations of generosity not really by giving aside their own cash, but simply by sacking cities and handing out a portion in the acquired very good to his shoulders and community. Section XVII

Thesis – It is best to be terrifying than loved, but not resented. Important points- A prince's ultimate target is to conserve the state; dread will ensure the obedience of the people. Machiavelli says a Prince must avoid staying hated because hatred can easily overcome...


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