Argumentative Composition

Loyalist or Patriot

Qualifications: Various events of the 1700s led settlers to develop solid beliefs regarding the British authorities. The Trial of Peter Zenger, The Proclamation of 1763, the Boston Massacre combined with continuously changing taxes and guidelines that ruled them made many feel that self-governance was your best course for the colonies. Other folks felt which the King and his appointed officials had their best interests at heart and favored to stay devoted to the top. Later, through the American Revolution, most settlers took 1 side or the other. Either they were Patriots or loyalist. Patriots presumed that the colonies should break free from Great britain and control themselves. Loyalist believed that the colonies should stay authentic, or dedicated, to the ruler and to Britain. They were likewise know while Tories.

Task: Throughout this activity, you can research the beliefs in the Loyalists and Patriots. You could then decide depending on evidence and facts, in case you would have been a loyalist or patriot during this time period based. Loyalists felt fidelity towards England and California king George 3 while patriots felt strongly that the colonists should have the right to govern themselves. Decide which view you believe and defend it in the essay. _________________________________________________________________ •Helpful Tips:


o" They Say”

o" However , I actually say”

oThesis statement – the main point you'll be making in your essay. •Body (why you are right) (2-3 paragraphs) each purpose should be one particular paragraph oImportant events/evidence that defend/support the stance for the topic. •Counter Argument (the reason why everyone who says differently is wrong) (1 paragraph) oExplains the opposing view and persuasively disproves that with facts. •Conclusion (1 paragraph)

oRestate you situation.

oSummarize most of your points.

•Essay must be tapped out, Times New Roman type face, and size 12 font. You must provide a bibliography (a set of where you received all your information).

The Revolutionary Conflict split those of the American colonies in two teams: the loyalists and the patriots.

That which was a patriot?

Patriots were people who wanted the American colonies to gain their independence coming from Britain. They will wanted their own country named the United States.

Why performed people become patriots?

People in the Americas believed they weren't being remedied fairly by British. They were being taxed without any claim or representation in the British government. Soon cries for " liberty" were being observed throughout the colonies. The patriots wanted liberty from Uk rule.

Famous Patriots

There are many popular patriots. A few of them became presidents such as Jones Jefferson who also wrote the Declaration of Independence and John Adams. Perhaps the most famous patriot during the time was George Washington who also led the Continental Military services and later started to be the 1st President of the United States. Various other famous patriots included Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Ethan Allen, Meat Henry, and Ben Franklin. These people are often called the Founding Fathers of the United States.

What was a loyalist?

Not everybody who lived in the American colonies wanted to break away through the British. There have been many people that wanted to stay part of The uk and remain British people. These people had been called loyalists.

So why did some individuals remain loyal?

Various people felt that their very own lives will be better off in case the colonies remained under United kingdom rule. Many of these people were merely afraid to increase against the might of the United kingdom army. Others had organization interests in England and recognized that English language trade was important to the economy. Still other folks thought that English rule would be better than patriot rule.

Famous Loyalists

Since the loyalists lost the warfare, there aren't as many well-known loyalists and there is patriots. Benedict Arnold was obviously a general inside the Continental Military services who visited fight for the British. An additional...


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