1 .  Wait a minute, My spouse and i …..  this field for you. (to carry)

[pic]В A. Carry

[pic]В B. Will hold

[pic]В C. Is carrying

[pic]В D. Have taken

2 .  After Larry …..   the film in the news, he decided to buy the book. (to see)

[pic]В A. Have seen

[pic]В B. Acquired seen

[pic]В C. Had been finding

[pic]В D. Found

3.   I …..  for my own girlfriend for 2 hours. (to wait)

[pic]В A. Have waited

[pic]В B. Have been waiting

[pic]В C. Waited

[pic]В D. Is waiting around

4.  While the doctor …..  Mister Jones, his son …… outside today. (to examine) (to wait)

[pic]В A. Is definitely examining/is waiting

[pic]В B. Was examining/was holding out

[pic]В C. Examined/waited

[pic]В D. Provides examined/has anxiously waited

1 .  Since 2003 they will …… all their son every year. (to visit)

[pic]В A. Have visited

[pic]В B. Have been going to

[pic]В C. Was visiting

[pic]В D. visits

installment payments on your  The sunlight ……  inside the East. (to rise)

[pic]В A. Rise

[pic]В B. Rises

[pic]В C. Rising

[pic]В D. Has gone up

3.  There are a lot of clouds! It …… soon. (to rain)

[pic]В A. Is pouring

[pic]В B. Is likely to rain

[pic]В C. Raining

[pic]В D. Has been pouring

4.  Look! It ….., so all of us can't …… to the beach front. (to rain) (to go)

[pic]В A. Rains/go

[pic]В B. Can be raining/go

[pic]В C. Is going to rain/go

[pic]В D. Rained/went

1 .  I ….  to visit you yesterday, however you …..  not at home. (to want) (to be)

[pic]В A. Wanted/were

[pic]В B. Want/are

[pic]В C. Want/were

2 .  We …… TV SET when it begun to rain. (to watch)

[pic]В A. Were watching

[pic]В B. Observed

[pic]В C. Acquired watched

[pic]В D. Had been watching

3. В And on 31 October, a frightfully good Halloween PartyВ (take place)В at the Dungeon every year.

[pic]В A. Is definitely taking place

[pic]В B. Takes place

[pic]В C. Took place

some. В If youВ (have)В enough money and nerves of steel, youВ (book / can)В the Dungeon to get parties, meetings or charitable organization events at nighttime.

[pic]В A. Have/can book

[pic]В B. Had/could publication

[pic]В C. Are having/can publication

1 . В Besides the regular starting hours, the Dungeon sometimes alsoВ (open)В at nighttime.

[pic]В A. Open

[pic]В B. Opens

[pic]В C. Is usually opening

[pic]В D. opened

installment payments on your В Since the opening in 1975, the DungeonВ (attract)В many visitors from across the world.

[pic]В A. Provides attracted

[pic]В B. Had drawn

[pic]В C. Is usually attracting

[pic]В D. attracts

several. В And this itВ (do) extremely well.

[pic]В A. Really does

[pic]В B. Do Did

[pic]В C. Had carried out

4. В The museumВ (want)В to trigger, shock, instruct and joy.

[pic]В A. Needed

[pic]В B. Wants

[pic]В C. Become wanted

1 ) В Well, in the event youВ (fancy)В that kind of food, youВ (love)В the meals with the Dungeon cafe.

[pic]В A. Fancy/will love

[pic]В B. Will fancy/love

[pic]В C. Will be fancying/ happen to be loving

[pic]В D. Have fancied/love

2 . В (you / consume / ever)В a pizza with fingers and eyeballs upon it?

[pic]В A. Experienced you at any time eaten

[pic]В B. Have you ever eaten

[pic]В C. Do you ever eaten

[pic]В D. Would you ever before eat

three or more. В And the horrorВ (end / not)В at the exit of the exhibition.

[pic]В A. Does not end

[pic]В B. Had not ended

[pic]В C. Is certainly not ending

some. В The actors, dressed because monsters, ghosts or executers, В (hide)В in the dark edges of the Dungeon and then suddenlyВ (jump)В out andВ (grab)В one with the visitors.

[pic]В A. Are hiding/ jump/grab

[pic]В B. Is hiding/jumping/grabbing

[pic]В C. Hided/ jumped/grabbed

1 . В While youВ (walk) around the Dungeon, watch out for creepy creatures - the DungeonВ (employ)В actors to give it is visitors the fright with their lives.

[pic]В A. Are walking/ employs

[pic]В B. Were walking/employed

[pic]В C. Were walking/was employing

[pic]В D. Are walking/is using

2 . В The atmosphere in the DungeonВ (be)В really intimidating - absolutely nothing for the faint-hearted.

[pic]В A. Is

[pic]В B. Was

[pic]В C. Were

[pic]В D. has

three or more. В The Dungeon alsoВ (show) displays of Jack the Ripper or the beheading of Anne Boleyn, whoВ (be)В one of Holly VIII's half a dozen wives.

[pic]В A. Shows/was

[pic]В B. Are showing/is

[pic]В C. Are showing/was

[pic]В D. Has shown/has

4. В YouВ (experience / can)В for example just how peopleВ (die)В on the Gallow or perhaps during the Problem of...


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