Corset brands in India

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 Lingerie brands in India Essay

Corset brands in India

The lingerie market in India is still in the infant stage and, until in recent times, the accessibility of high quality intimate attire was restricted to irregular or grey imports sold illegally. Because of the limited products and lack of enough specialised and organized retail atmosphere, the style realization and quality awareness of the Indian consumer intended for intimate clothing is but to be realized. India is usually one of the most scattered retail markets in the world. The products, so far, have already been mainly marketed as a product and are cost and margin oriented. 1 . Enamor

The moment Gokaldas Intimatewear began producing Enamor, all their first aim was great fit. Throughout India Infatuate surveyed and measured 5, 000 women. They pointed out that 80 per cent of American indian women put on a uncomfortable fitting underwear. In India, bras were made only in B and C glass sizes, though Enamor's study found that most Indian ladies required A or Deb cup sizes. 2 . Triumph

In India Triumph, Loving Lingerie, Enamor, VIP, Juliet, Amul and so forth are significant players in lingerie marketplace. Today seventy per cent from the lingerie marketplace of India is unorganised. But that can be replaced with the rise in the volume of malls and quality-conscious buyers. For example , Lovable's growth of 20 per cent a year ago was endured by fresh retail space. 3. Freedom

The first trendy movement for both males and females was seen when Linked Apparels Pvt Ltd, producers of Freedom shirts, presented the world well-known Maiden Contact form bras, Jockey men's under garments and Jantzen swimwear in 1962 in India. Right now Libertina and Liberty continue to be one of the major players in the lingerie market.

4. VIP

Four decades ago, VIP moved into the mens underwear marketplace with a big-bang and became the most talked about brand due to its advertising campaign featuring unit Dalip Tahil. Since then VIP is a leading player inside the men's and women's undergarments market. And introduced Loveable in 1996 was a big success because they brought in a...

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Lingerie brands in India
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