A Midterm Project Provided to the Faculty of

the Institute of Information Technology

Romblon State University

Odiongan, Romblon

Presented by:

Trisha Anne Ferriol

Johnson Famisaran

BSIT III Prevent 2

Provided to:

Mr. Dennis Meters. Salvador

Subject matter Instructor

Sept 2014


Our Collection Management System may be the application software that is developed to make a record of Book purchasing, book searching, book issuing and  rent, publication returned, catalogs, stock creation, all other fine books, popular and bestsellers and other Selection related performs.  The range of this software program is to make the automated process of manual handling of Library records and to manage the stock as well as book issues related information.  The aim of the project should be to make the manual handling of Library system into computerized system. The user can get the information regarding the significant reviews and immediate search of records. Our Library Management System is actually a data finalizing system utilized to perform regimen Library activities. In this program, the selection management turns into more efficient and easier to manage with its trusted system components. Selection system was developed in order to make electronic the asking for and coming back again of catalogs, return catalogs, and add books, search literature and special tools. With Library Management, it can find desired items electronically with out going through cabinets. Library Management System supports various other administrative responsibilities such as inventory and info processing. BACKGROUND

Each of our Library management system needs a expensive drive that will be used because access with the student to borrow catalogs. Every listed student who wants to borrow book is required to plug-in a adobe flash drive through the registration. The file " Account. txt” will be produced after the registration containing the registered borrower's code and full name. The...


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