п»їIvelisse Wood

January 7, 2014

My Life

My name is Ivelisse Real wood and I are the assistant teacher. I'm from Muelle Rico and i also moved to Fl twenty four years ago. I have two children, Sean 14 years old and Sarah four years old. I studied accounting in the Caribbean University. I use worked to get HeadStart and i also am taking CDA classes in CDAClass. org. I'm very happy to be doing work at Desire Lake Elementary. Innocence is considered the most fragile, unusual component that children have. In order for children to keep holding that uncommon component, they need to be informed. I strongly believe this kind of through my experience in every area of your life that education has had for me, and the long term effects that it may have to me. Though, I, like all others, had to generate goals pertaining to myself that we could help to educate young children. By mastering my personal goals one at a time, I have been capable of staying optimistic and focused. College students that have trouble absorbing or perhaps understanding information can be helped by meeting with their amount of comprehension. Like that all registrants of different amounts can have the opportunity to be " equally”educated without having a child left behind.

I have been through some activities myself. As being a student who had been special education classes, I discovered it difficult to process all the details. The constant anxiety and have difficulties in math, reading, and all other themes made me feel as if I wouldn't be able to function as normal person. There was always a decision in the have difficulty and that was to not let the problem absorb me or perhaps solve that. I studied persistently and effectively through my themes. When I acquire my CDA certification Let me start to work in VPK teacher position at Dream Lake Elementary.


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