The ITIL® Groundwork Examination

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All 40 questions needs to be attempted.

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ITIL Foundation Evaluation SampleA v5. 1 .

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What types of improvements are NOT generally included in the scope of change managing?

a) Becomes a mainframe computer

b) Changes to business strategy

c) Changes to a service level contract (SLA)

d) The retirement of a assistance

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Which will of the following is Not only a purpose of services operation? a) To undertake screening to ensure solutions are designed to meet up with business needs b) To deliver and manage THAT services

c) To manage the technology utilized to deliver providers

d) To monitor the performance of technology and processes

a few.

What does the term IT functions control refer to?

a) Taking care of the specialized and applications management features b) Supervising the execution and monitoring of functional activities and events c) A set of tools used to keep an eye on and display the status of the THAT infrastructure and applications

d) A service office monitoring the status in the infrastructure when operators are generally not available


Which process is responsible for saving relationships between service components?

a) Service level managing

b) Assistance portfolio managing

c) Assistance asset and configuration supervision (SACM)

d) Incident management


What is the RACI model employed for?

a) Documenting the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders within a process or activity

b) Defining requirements for a fresh service or perhaps process

c) Analysing the business impact associated with an incident

d) Creating a well-balanced scorecard showing the overall position of service management

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ITIL Basis Examination SampleA v5. 1 )

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Which in turn of the pursuing is the BEST information of an operational level agreement (OLA)?

a) An agreement between an THAT service provider and another part of the same firm that assists in the dotacion of providers

b) A written agreement between the IT company and their customer(s) defining important targets and responsibilities of each

c) A between two service providers regarding the levels of service necessary by the buyer

d) A between a 3rd party service workplace and the IT customer regarding fix and response times


What is the MAIN purpose of supply management?

a) To keep an eye on and report availability of pieces

b) To make certain all targets in the assistance level agreements (SLAs) will be met c) To guarantee supply levels intended for services and components d) To ensure that assistance availability fulfills the decided needs with the business

almost 8.

Which of the following truly does service change provide guidance on? 1 . Launching new companies

2 . Decommissioning services

several. Transfer of services among service providers

a) 1 and 2 just

b) two only

c) All of the above

d) 1 and three or more only

on the lookout for.

Which one with the following is usually NOT a stage of the services lifecycle? a) Service optimization

b) Assistance transition

c) Service design and style



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