Worldwide Journal of Business and Social Research

Vol. a couple of No . 14 [Special Issue - June 2011]

A SWOT Research of the Creation Strategy of Haier Group as One of the Most Successful Chinese Enterprises Xia Chan Postgraduate Student of Business British School of English intended for International Business Guangdong College or university of Overseas Studies, Guangzhou 510420, China and tiawan E-mail: [email protected] com Abstract This daily news puts forward a complete and comprehensive SWOT development technique model on the basis of the previous SWOT analysis version and the case study of Haier Group. After a general report on both SWOT and Haier, this conventional paper focuses on just how Haier can make appropriate AND SO ST BEI WEM and WT strategies by simply analyzing and allocating its internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external environments (opportunities and threats). The aim is to provide an applicable Haier model which combines SWOT analysis with strategy ingredients to set an example of how SWOT assists business in growing feasible strategies, and together provides an complex understanding of the " glocal” strategy of Haier among the most good enterprises in current Chinese suppliers.

Key words: SWOT analysis; Haier Group; expansion strategy unit; internal elements; external surroundings

1 . Advantages

In today‘s hyper-competitive global market, any company should have a clear understanding about itself in addition to the external circumstances in order to make successful decisions and strategic corporate planning. Therefore , many economic analysts and scholars have got researched into this field and suggested some beneficial tools and models to assist analyze and develop business strategies. SWOT analysis is one of the most well-known and frequently used versions created inside the 1980s. Inspite of its excessive popularity and wide software, I found that few studies have combined it together with the business‘s expansion strategies to additional work out a much more integrated model to guide the organization practices. Consideringg this, this paper tries to set a good example of how to include SWOT analysis into a business or business‘s strategy-formulating procedure. Moreover, the key reason why Haier is definitely chosen as the inspecting subject must be explained right here. Recently, it can be reported that Haier was ranked 25th in the 2010 Top 40 World‘s Most Innovative Companies, becoming the initially Chinese home electrical devices firm within the list, which turned on great general public interest. Basically, as the most internationally distinguished Chinese language appliance brand, Haier always attracts superb attention via economics and researchers. Therefore , a more thorough examination of Haier, especially the internal and external factors which will greatly influence its approaches and play a role in its success, can hopefully give some beneficial guidance for different business. Therefore , it is of great theoretical and practical value to execute a thorough SWOT analysis of Haier and work out a built-in model to see how SWOT can help a business to make good strategies. The primary purpose of this kind of paper is to provide a good framework to get understanding and applying the SWOT unit in actual business techniques and to enhance such a concrete development strategy unit based on the case study of Haier. The paper mainly consists of six parts: 1) the above introduction part which will describes the backdrop and significance of the exploration 2) a quick introduction of Haier 3) an overall report on the origin and the previous studies related to SWOT analysis 4) a SWOT development approach model of Haier created by the author according to the previous theories 5) the detailed SWOT analysis producing both the inner, external analyses and given strategy examines to elaborate about the above version. 6) The final outcome part that draws an over-all summary of the paper.

installment payments on your A View of Haier

In order to better understand the subsequent analysis, a short and general glimpse of Haier‘s development is shown here in this kind of part. Haier...


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