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" Can it be a chipmunk? Is it a squirrel? What exactly is it? ” These are usually the most common questions that can come out of people's jaws when they see this pet. It's actually known as sugar glider. Today I'm going to tell you exactly what a sugar glider is, where to find them, as well as how to care for them. II. Physique

What is a sugars glider?

Clinical Name: Petaurus BrevicepsSmall woods Dwelling marsupials Closer linked to kangaroos and koalas

When ever they're small they're given birth to immature and develop in mother's sack (joeys) That they weigh about 0. 2 grams and are also 5mm long, size of feed of grain They obtain name from the sweet foods they take in and their gliding ability Physiology

Fur membrane layer (patagium) among wrist and ankles

After they spread out it appears to be kind of like a parachute and enables them to glide 1 . Able to slip length of a football field

Five-digit foot; opposable thumb on each foot

Syndactylus; a couple of toes joined together

1 ) Used for combing

Long butt used for balance and guidance while sliding

Half their very own body span

6-8 inches long

Females have pockets to carry joeys

½ " in length in the center of her abdominal

Eyes are particular to gather as much surrounding lumination as possible Pupils can dilate almost totally or reduce to simple pinpricks Glucose gliders are 5-7 in . in length and weighs 4-6 oz .


Where to find them

Australia (northern and western), Indonesia, Fresh Guinea and Tasmania Are in open jungles

1 . Groupe of 10-15 other gliders

Buy them online from dog breeders or in select pet stores


How to care for them

Possess a large crate for them to ascend in

Keep them in a nice climate

They only have an 87 to 88 degree body temperature

After they get chilly they visit a heat resource

Get chill in sixty five degree or heat heart stroke if over 87 level

What they consume


Nut products


Darling or nectar

Have them in a quiet room

They're nocturnal so that they sleep throughout the day...

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