Go over how the concept of the childhood is usually presented inside the poems " Piano” and " Half-past Two” The theme of child years is presented in the poem " Piano” and " Half-past two”. The composition Half-past two, written by U. A Fanthorpe, is all about how vulnerable kids and their idiotic innocence. In both poems the poets present years as a child in different and exceptional way. In " Piano", the child years is provided in a very idealistic way. The poet is remembering the favorable old instances when he was sitting down under the keyboard and hearing his mom tenderly vocal a powerful music. He remembers his adoring mother, and the elements surrounding her, only having a positive ambiance. In the poem Half past two, the poet is usually telling the group about how this individual has done a problem at college, is now receiving punished. Nevertheless the child's instructor has forgotten about them however the child is too scared to find out and also is unable to tell the time. This poem is written in the child's perspective. Nevertheless both poetry present years as a child in different methods, innocence is an essential point in they are all. Firstly, in Half past two, the poem is advised to the target audience in narrative, this quickly gives the composition a childlike tone. The poem starts with ‘Once upon a college time', this provides the impression that it is a fairy-tale and that the kid is showing a story. Through the poem the poet uses neologism. This is how the poet person uses very long and made up words, this provides it a far more childlike tone. In Half previous two, there are plenty of onomatopoeic phrases, such as ‘click' and ‘tick-less', this highlights that this composition is from your child's standpoint, as these happen to be words that children are not familiar with. In contrast to this, D. L Lawrence uses long and difficult words to remind someone that is was written by a grownup. This emphasises that he can reminiscing about his child years, when he was sitting underneath the piano, listening to his mom play. He is nostalgic regarding the warmth and happiness of his...


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