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Goldman sachs case study competition

an ag em en t tMseGoldman Sachs Case CompetitionBruinAsActive Gear to acquire Mercury Athletic FootwearIce Point Solutions Darren Tan Darryl Tan Fangfei Li Goldman sachs case study competition Wolf Encompassing both Active Gear and Mercury Athletic FootweartM Active management of inventory and production lead timesAsse Individuals would compete to anticipate and exploit fashion trends Casual Segment: Style, price, and general qualityn Low growth, but with fairly stable profit marginsInventory Management Athletic Segment: Brand Image, specialized build a bear marketing case study for performance, priceui Mature, but highly competitive industryCompetitionBrGeneral Informationan ag em en tIndustry Overview 8-10 months to complete a new design, associated samples, and production specifications 4-6 months were required for manufacturing start-up before new orders could be filledRetailers Few firms sold through company-retail stores Majority sold through department stores, independent specialty retailers, sporting goods stores, boutiques and wholesalers Little success for firms with ecommerceIce Point SolutionsCompany Overviews Mercury Athletic Footwearan ag em en tActive Gear DemographicsDemographics Broad and mainstream market Originally affluent urban and suburban family members ages 25 to 45 Image that is prosperous, active, and fashion-conscious 15 to 25 year old; active interest in extreme sports Image that is iconoclastic and nonconformist People in the global youth culture of alternative music, TV, and fascia anatomy essay companies are fundamentally different.

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