Advertising Scenario of Rice in Bangladesh

Md. Reza Ahmed Khan, Department of Farming Marketing

Grain is the basic piece food of around 162. 2 , 000, 000 people of Bangladesh and with the green revolution, subsequent liberalization policies, and introduction of HYV or MV grain has flipped a based mostly nation in almost self dependent in respect of food wheat production. The produces around 27-28 million tons of grain annually, up against the requirement of about 30 million tons of rice. An minor amount of Aromatic grain is also released. The country requires around five million a lot of wheat against the production of around installment payments on your 5 million to 3 , 000, 000 tons. In short to meet the neighborhood demand of food feed Bangladesh ought to import 2-3 million a lot of rice and 2-2. 5 million a lot of wheat annually. In overall, agricultural development planning features turned to marketplace oriented or perhaps market motivated approach with little exclusion to the grain production intended for obvious reason of local food secureness particularly consequently of the global crises inside the food materials market through the 2008-2010 period. Unlike the previous crises, the recent a single showed that even cash is never enough to acquire a particular generate from the community markets if the crises is too pervasive. Your exporting nation might need to restrict export for won secureness. In respect of available and free of charge market overall economy, (from global to regional to community level) efficiency of the marketing system of any kind of agricultural develop whether open public or personal will represent the market stableness and consumer satisfaction completing and helping to continue the economic development cycle of any item. Particularly in the developing countries public meals procurement and distribution systems are common as tools of providing industry stability and meeting crisis.

The General Picture of Grain Marketing

The scenario should certainly trace from your supply aspect up to the market clearance getting together with the local demand and urgent need through both of the public and private marketing program in Bangladesh. Production Circumstance

|Year |Paddy (All Main Varieties ) |Wheat | | |Land (000' Acre) |Production ('000 MT) |Land (000' Acre) |Production ('000 MT) | |2000-01 |26429 |24150 |1810 |1590 | |2001-02 |26344 |24299 |1833 |1606 | |2002-03 |26615 |25188 |1746 |1507 | |2003-04 |26746 |26190 |1586 |1253 | |2004-05 |25621 |25157 |1380 |976 | |2005-06 |26018 |26530 |1184 |735 | |2006-07 |26142 |27318 |988 |767 | |2007-08 |26129 |28931 |958 |844 | |2008-09 |28657 |33300 |1100 |958 | |2009-10 |29146 |34200 |1010 |102

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