Kids whom keep on missing school frustrate lots of people like teachers and parents. Now the authorities and school officials have become deciding to work with GPS.

The first school in California to test this kind of Global Positioning System was the Anaheim Union Secondary school. Many seventh- and eight-graders that have 4 unexcused disette or more throughout the school yr have to carry this device.

On school days each morning the students who get the GPS receive automated phone telling these people that they have to reach school on time. After that, they have to enter a code 5 fold a day that tracks their location. If they leave to get school, if they arrive at school, at lunch, when they keep school and a almost eight p. meters. they have to key in this code.

Also many students will be assigned a adult coach that helps these to get to institution on time. Additionally they call them three times every week to see if all of them are right.

The devices will be $300- $400 each and the six-week plan are price $8 every day or $18, 000. They are using the GPS is because the students need education and the university loses near to $35 for every absent college student there is.

When the GPS started in the school the attendance level went up from77 percent to ninety five percent. If there was no GPS, the children who continued skipping school or institution, they were more likely to join bande.

Now regarding 75 students in Dale and Southern region junior high schools are deciding to use this pilot software. But now region officials are deciding if they need to expand the GPS plan to various other high school and junior excessive schools.

Various parents and students came to the Anaheim Family Proper rights Center to go over about the GPS while using police and counselors. But is not all parents like the idea. Raphael Garcia who has a 6th grader with half a dozen unexcused absences says, " This makes us seem like common criminals. ” The Police Investigator Armando Mulato reminds the parents " They may be letting their kids skip college without a justification. ”

Lots of youngsters grades 4-6, and...


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