Galeries Lafayette to Hong Kong in 2013/2014


Following having the useful experience of working the last in-class assignment about Harvey Nichols (HN), ?nternet site felt I will have regarded more regarding Harvey Nichols, I frequented their retail outlet in Pacific Place to discover & feel what it is & I spent several times in checking the website for more details. I feel I realize more regarding why HN open the 2nd & bigger flagship store in Hong Kong & why HN is at Pacific Place, after I have seen that so many visiting mainland Oriental who carried with big suitcases were shopping big qty & amount of luxury goods at HN in HK, & when i have found that HN is owned by Dickson Poon (through Dickson Concepts), a HASTKRAFTER based organization man, simply by who the prior store in the same position Seibu is also owned.

|Harvey Nichols Flagship, London UK |Dickson Poon & Friends at the Grand Opening of|Seibu, the previous shop in the same | | |HN Range topping HK, March 2011 |location that HN Flagship HK using today | |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] | | | | |[pic] |[pic] | | |Chinese Travelers to | | |GL Paris | | |[pic] | |Haussmann Flagship Paris, |Store of I. Capital t. Ltd HK in Causeway Bay | |Galeries Lafayette |

The situation of big buying by visiting landmass Chinese in HN HASTKRAFTER makes me recall the Chinese in shopping tour that I have observed in England during one among my organization trips couple of year before (2008), & it also motivates me to decide to do my own assignment on the World Famous Office that I have visited in Paris, Galeries Lafayette (GL). So , weeks ago My spouse and i started to search & accumulate more info, information & material about Galeries Lafayette, I found much news about that GL will open in Beijing Chinese suppliers in 2012 through a joint venture using a HK centered retailer I. T. Limited, who has sites of fashion retail business in China, HASTKRAFTER, & Asia.

Assumption & my Advertising Plan:

I assume that I had been the CMO of My spouse and i. T. Limited, the joint venturer of GL, Beijing, & I were needed by elderly management to further expand business by opening a Galeries Lafayette Shop in HASTKRAFTER in 2013/2014. I am going to post a report with analysis & marketing intend to prove GL's operation in HK will not only benefit to the company's income & progress, but also benefit to HK society & the federal government, landlord(s) & tenants, and the auto industry & the client. My statement will cover since following:

|Profile of Galeries Lafayette & I. Big t. Limited HK |P. three to four | |Profile of Rivals in Hk |P. 5-6 | |SWOT of GL+ITHK |P. 7-8 | |Porter's 5 Pushes of Luxurious Department Store |P. 9 | |Segmentation, Positioning, Competitive Approach, |P. 10-11 | |Marketing Plan (Pricing, A& P, & Distribution) |P. 12-14

Account of Galeries Lafayette &...


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