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Risk for Hypertension linked to inappropriate life-style practices

Very subjective Cues:

" Pagbuntis nako sauna kay taas akong BP. ”, as verbalized by the consumer.

" Taas pud ug BP akong bana. ”, as explain in words by the customer.

Diet is usually composed of salty food. Your woman usually sleeps and foretells neighbors as a way of alleviating stress. Risk-prone health patterns related to poor knowledge and economic difficulties After 15 days of nursing jobs intervention, listed here are expected to occur:

The friends and family will be able to trigger lifestyle changes that may permit adaptation to current life situations.

After 45 minutes of overall health teaching, the family will be able to: Identify raise the risk factors of hypertension

Offer nonpharmacologic actions that decrease risk of hypertension Identify poor practices that can worsen the family's health Assess the relatives level of understanding regarding hypertension Discuss with the family the lifestyle practices had to prevent hypertonie such as: Cigarette smoking cessation

Routine workouts

Limiting alcohol intake


Encourage to balance out time for physical exercise, daily activities and rest by simply teaching the family period management. Train the friends and family exercises that they can could include in their day to day activities that favorably affect all their blood pressure. Discuss with the family the diet & cheap food that stop hypertension such as: - reduced salt, excess fat, sugar (ex. buwad)

high in potassium, magnesium, calcium, fiber, protein and Vit. M. (red grain, beans, clown, potato) Consult with the relatives the importance of regular check-ups and availability of cost-free resources in the RHU.

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