Good Evening fellow, today I would like to express my ideas on euthanasia. It might seem to your self, what is that? Well, that is what I thought, until I had watched a T. V documentary a year ago. Euthanasia in Ancient Greek means " good death”. Can you imagine the thought of throwing your life away in a blink of an eye? You would need to think to yourself what genuinely drives people to go through with such a horrendous procedure. Euthanasia could be explained in two ways:

Active euthanasia, this occurs a person directly and deliberately causes the persons death. Helped suicide, this is how the person who would like to die requires help to kill themselves. In accordance to a review conducted in two thousands of and two, sixty 3 percent of the people who took the review would want to pass away on their own without euthanasia and only thirty percent of the people who had taken the survey would want euthanasia. Oregon, Buenos aires, Montana, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are the only jurisdictions in the world in which laws grant euthanasia or assisted suicide. Firstly, I totally oppose Euthanasia and should be illegal everywhere because it devalues life which has been given by God and really should only be removed by The almighty. Another serious problem is once health insurance corporations try to have their price by recommending and producing people proceed through euthanasia regardless if they weren't considering it. Medical professionals and other health care people should not be involved in straight causing death or at least have the right to. There is also a " slick slope" impact that has happened where euthanasia has been first been legalized for the particular terminally sick and later laws are converted to allow this for other people or to be performed non-voluntarily and if other countries start to legalize euthanasia they will have the same slick slope. There are also another problem as the word terminal is very controversial since there isn't a described meaning to how long. Charles Odom, a thirty several...


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