Marketing ethics identifies the meaningful principles regarding acceptable and unacceptable behavior related to the operation of marketing by entrepreneurs (Barron's Educational Series, 2007). In order to get hold of higher income, some of the companies may disobey business honest values.


Mattel founded in 1945 is one of the largest plaything companies in the world (Fortune, 2008). Although Mattel is a significant toy business, there are many dishonest issues discovered. Firstly, Mattel`s products included lead fresh paint and small magnets that could be swallowed (Mauro, 2007). Secondly, Mattel were recalled toys often as there have been five recalls in less than 12 months (Mattel. com, 2010). Third, the packaging of Mattel`s product contributed to jungle destruction (Jakarta, 2011). According to the American Advertising Association (AMA), these actions are dishonest and violate 3 moral values which includes responsibility, credibility and nationality.


Pertaining to responsibility, Mattel failed to acknowledge the consequences of your marketing decision and approaches. Mattel would not recognize all their special responsibilities to prone market segments such as kids who might be disadvantaged. To start with, on September 14 3 years ago, Mattel`s product, the ‘Sarge' cars, was discovered with lead color and small magnets which are harmful and dangerous to children. Even though the product was recalled, a few of the products that are claimed passed still include lead paint. However , Mattel minimized the effect of the utilization of lead color. In fact , lead is toxic if consumed by children and there is zero safe standard of lead in them in accordance to Dr . John Rosen, a business lead poisoning expert (Consumer media, 2007). Although the dangers of business lead poisoning will be hidden and unobservable, Mattel should take the obligation instead of carrying out nothing to avoid the dangers. This violates the ethical worth of responsibility because Mattel failed to identify their exceptional commitments for their customers. Honesty

For trustworthiness, Mattel did not forthright in dealings with customers and stakeholders. Mattel promises that their goal is the security of the children who get their toys and games (URLwire, 2007). However , there are four recalls in 6 months in 3 years ago, but Mattel did not pull a lessons. In 2010, Mattel toys had been recalled pertaining to five times. One of the products named Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles led to 12 serious accidents before the merchandise was were recalled. In order to satisfy their assurance and ensure the protection of children, Mattel should examine the quality with their products carefully before they are sold. In these instances, Mattel did not have an adequate quality control in the making process. Becoming the largest doll company in the world based on the revenue, Mattel should not recollect the defected products as long as the traumas happen. Therefore, Mattel would not honor their very own promise to set children protection at the first place. This violates the ethical value of honesty according to AMA.


In terms of nationality, Mattel failed to fulfill the economic, legal, philanthropic and societal responsibilities that serve stakeholders. Greenpeace evidenced that Barbie doll product packaging come from Indonesian rainforests. Mattel did not protect the ecological environment inside the execution of promoting campaigns. Mattel was applying products from Asia Pulp and Daily news (APP), a pulp and paper organization notorious to get destroying Indonesian rainforests, bringing about the extinction of Sumatran Tiger (Greenpeace, 2011). The product of Mattel, Barbie, was wrapped up in rainforest destruction which will destroys the ecological environment and forces critically decreasing in numbers wildlife towards extinction. Although Mattel adopted a new packaging policy following the blame in the public, they still performed a lot of damages towards the environment. Relating to! 1

AMA, this kind of practice is usually unethical since Mattel failed to fulfill the social responsibility to serve the public and violates citizenship....


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