Composition on Plants and Shadows

As darkness cloaks the mists of the plot; So who, one of the many unprevailling & vengeful sufferer of Jonan's Crumbling & destructive achievement, finally makes an physical appearance at the okwe's residence; leading the fall of Jonan's wealth and power. Thus who's unforgiving plot brought him out of the shadows, where his managed madness could have fooled sites such as Jonan for quite a while, but the latter's paranoia finally caught as well as killed Sowho and on its own; putting a relax the destruction and problem laid after the poor stock workers and opening a diverse new scale of possibilities that might (in long terms) help idea the edge of demeaning organization ethics in the Nigerian culture. Anyone who go through Macbeth will agree that it can be quite parallel to Plants & Dark areas. Even thought the books in which written by two different authors at several time periods; the depicted morals of the reports show the primary and general relation of corruption to all systems, whether it is governmental, sociological etc ... Bill Okri and Shakespeare showed that (1) corruption is because of the lack of electrical power on one side of culture and too much on the other, or the intrinsic desire of power on the better side of society, (2) that kinds desired restrictions of prosperity and electricity are in accordance with ones scenario, (3) that a person must pay redemption pertaining to the wicked acts you have commit during the past, and (4) that the cycle of data corruption can only be broken together with the lack of desire. These items where built quite clear throughout the book, specifically at the end together with the loss Jeffia's wealth wonderful gain of happiness. In the event that Jeffia where to be unhappy and power hungry, the cycle would have continued although Jeffia is merely a floral blooming in the shadows.


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