Esoteric Religion

The Rebirth With the Goddess

" Esoteric”. The word, in today's man's head, sparks off images that involve darker rituals, secrets and mysteries. It is associated with people who are regarded different to the point of insanity, and with secret traditions, witchcraft and midwifery. Yet , " esoteric” simply identifies knowledge that is not widely known, the opposite staying " exoteric”. It refers to knowledge that could be accessed by only some group of people who are " illuminated”. The modern-day make use of also includes subjects which are challenging to understand without specialized education, for example assumptive physics. Inside the scope in the word regarding religion, it is linked with, and mostly identifies mystery religions. Mystery beliefs usually involve ancient faith based beliefs and rites that have since long been obliterated from the general public's mindset. These mostly are related to witchcraft. Now again, the definition of " witchcraft” triggers a continuous projection of animal compromising drug addicts and devil-worshipping males. So do phrases like " paganism”. But what are the reputations of these hidden religions? What truths happen to be hidden below are preconceptions about these mysterious, little-known limbs of religion? Initially, a bit of history associated with all of these religions and cults connected with them. The first forms of religion, of course , were town people, thousands of years back, revering the forces of nature. They will celebrated the spring equinoxes, commemorated the fertility of the earth, and worshipped Nature, or Gaia. These 1st followers from the predecessor of organized religion lived in villages. From there stems the word " pagan”, just from the Latina paganus that means " villager or rustic”. See? The phrase has no darker origins, however somehow the regular idea is that " pagan” is associated with satan worship. So why? One example can be another etymological reference: " villain”. It is about...


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