Some persons believe that teenagers have careers while they may be still college students is a good idea. Others don't believe. I agree get back teenagers possess job when they are nonetheless students is a great idea for two reasons. First, learners have very own income to be able to support their particular tuition fee. Second, students can get experience from other job. The following essay will provide example to aid my opinion. 1 reason that I think pupils have work is a good idea mainly because some father and mother cannot support money for their student for tuition fee. Once students have got job, they will bring earnings to support education by their very own. It is the easiest way for student to support their own because they may know it is difficult to find funds and pay even more attention in lesson. For instance , when my good friend Kong was 18 years old, His parent or guardian was poor so he worked since tutor. This individual taught mathematics to children every day following finished institution. His salary was good, he got about 1000 baht each day. He can paid education cost by himself since he had performed. Finally, he can support him self by his own wage until he graduated college or university. This model about my friend Kong shows me that it is great for students to perform job when studying since they can find the money for money and pay for education. Another reason that I think learners have job is a good idea because student are certain to get experience from other job and use in upcoming. Student can make the part period work that they can are interesting such as guitar tutor, librarian, sur le web. Not only earnings they also drive more moreattract experience from their job. For instance , when my brother Nut was student, this individual worked since librarian pertaining to part time work. Once he did job and this project need to locate a lot of info. He can get many text books which usually relate to his project because he knew the ultimate way to find book and how to employ e-library. A lot of textbook he had seen and remembered. My own experience with my buddy Nut proven to me that students could get experience off their job and...


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