Erik Erikson's Theory of Psychological Development

Delores Duncan

ECE 315

Jessica Rodriguez


Erik Erikson agrees with Sigmund Freud that individuals development through stages. Erik Erikson expand the theory of Sigmund Freud's theory of psychosexual development to add levels that goes through adulthood, but Erik Erikson call his theory psychosocial development through which he is convinced that people develop through social and mental relationships throughout the life periods. Erik Erikson name his stage following life crisis's that might happen in a individual's life rather than naming the stages following body parts. Psychosocial Development implies that people develop through existence stages in the way they interact with each other. Spenser A. Rathus (2011), the author of CDEV, 1st Copy, admitted that psychosocial advancement means that " Erikson theory, with emphasizes the importance of social interactions and mindful choice through the entire eight periods of development” (page 6). There are 8 stages of psychosocial development in Erik Erikson's theory, and the eight stages will be Trust vs . mistrust (birth to 18 months), Autonomy vs . shame and doubt (Early childhood 2 to 3 years), initiative vs . remorse (preschool 3-5 years), personality vs . role confusion (adolescence 12 to eighteen years old), intimacy or isolation (young adulthood 19 to forty years), generativity vs . stagnation (Middle adult life 40 to 65 years old), and Ego integrity vs . despair (maturity sixty-five to death). The eight stages of psychosocial advancement have some conflicts call life crisis. Erik Erikson is convinced that people include inner discord call identity crisis that may happen during the eight levels of psychosocial development. Anonymous (2001) the author of Erik Erikson: The search for self-identity, accepted that " Erikson created the view that every person encounters a set of " conflicts” that need to solved during every single of eight stages of development, the first 3 stages comprising early childhood” (5(6)...


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