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Napier University Organization School

Master of Technology


Business Administration

A great exploratory study examining how come

businesses support arts fests in The united kingdom


Steve Godfrey

seventeen September 2005

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This dissertation describes the result of an exploratory study examining why businesses support arts festivals. Business support for conventions is important to them and several evidence of it is vulnerability was drawn from stats showing their fluctuation in recent times. The study considers that academics research determines different kinds of support such as sponsorship, company social responsibility (CSR), corporate and business philanthropy (CP), cause related marketing (CRM) and corporate community involvement (CCI) and explores whether these present any practical factors to disciplines festivals in seeking support.

The research strategy is qualitative. In depth interviews were taken on with six arts celebrations and twelve businesses. The findings provided follow a thready form: assertion of issue, a review of the literature, description of the method used, business presentation of data and, finally, evaluation and bottom line.

The study proves arts conventions continue to have good prospect of attracting organization support. Amidst their strengths is the selection of activities fests are able to offer that fulfill a range of business aims described by literature of sponsorship, CSR, CP, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT and CCI. However it proposes a continuum as a model of business support for fests, as a even more helpful conceptual tool than emerges in the blurred and overlapping conceptualisations inherent in the literature.

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I was extremely grateful to all those individuals in fests and businesses who gave their time generously by simply allowing myself to interview them.

Thank you are also owed to Disciplines & Business, particularly Jean Taylor of Arts & Business, Ireland and Catherine Bunting working in london who allowed my use of their methods. Derek Gilchrist kindly enabled me to learn material saved in the catalogue of The Target audience Business in Edinburgh.

My own supervisor was John Ensor and I received informal support from Matn Robertson and Liz Carnegie, all via Napier College or university Business School's School of promoting and Travel and leisure.

Rachel Clarke of Sponsorship Consulting gave me some food pertaining to thought.

Janice Reilly achieved it possible.

ГЃngel Moya Moya put up with me personally.

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1 . 1 Artistry Festivals

1 . 2 Business Support




installment payments on your 1 Taxonomy of Support

2 . 1 . 1

installment payments on your 1 . a couple of

2 . 1 . 3

2 . 1 . four

2 . 1 . 5


Corporate Interpersonal Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Philanthropy (CP)

Trigger Related Marketing (CRM)

Corporate and business Community Participation (CCI)

2 . 3 Aims

2 . a few. 1

2 . 3. two

2 . 3. 3

installment payments on your 3. some

2 . three or more. 5

2 . 3. 6

2 . a few. 7

2 . 3. almost eight


your five








Various other Economic Goals

Brand and Image

Corporate Image

Community Relations

Employee Relations

Product sales Promotion







twenty two



2 . 4 Continua of Business Support


three or more






4. one particular Introduction

5. 2 Taxonomy of Support


thirty four

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4. 2 . 1 Support

4. installment payments on your 2 Company Social Responsibility (CSR)

four. 2 . three or more Corporate Charity

4. several Business Aims


thirty eight

4. 3. 1

5. 3. 2

4. several. 3

some. 4. four...

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