The Crucible Action IV Analyze Guide

What time of day does Act 4 open?

Whose presence inside the jail makes Danforth upset?

Cheever says that bovine are running widely in the roads. Why are they running around?

Who does Parris say features robbed him and disappeared from community?

What thing did Parris see since an intentional threat to his existence? Parris clams to have had a dagger in the door.

How many people have hanged already? Why does Danforth will not postpone virtually any hangings? doze people have already been hung and so Danforth refuses to postpone any other hangings because he in the slamming.

Who has been arrested and detained in the dungeon?

Steve Proctor has become arrested and detained inside the dungeon.

Is Elizabeth genuinely pregnant?

Rev. Hale offers four symptoms that the town is being destroyed. List them.

Who is about to hang when the sun soars in a few hours?

Does Rebecca confess to witchcraft?


Give two main reasons why Giles Corey was intelligent for not acknowledging or denying the charges against him.

Since Giles did not admit or reject witchcraft and he was a very smart person because he understood all about the court program and in the final his daughters received his land. One more was since he would not admit or perhaps deny the charges, when he passed away he passed away a righteous man and kept his good identity.

What had been Giles Corey's dying words and phrases? How did he die?

Giles died for important which was were people lay huge stones on your chest to where you have trouble breathing and eventually passes away. Also ahead of Giles died his previous words had been " more weight”.

How much does Proctor declare to?

What is going to Proctor certainly not sign?

So why would Proctor admit, but not sign, a confession of his guilt?

How does Proctor think Danforth is using him?

What finally occurs Proctor's croyance? What happens to Steve Proctor?


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