Grade '04 Social Research Unit 2009: The Cattle Industry and Railroads in Texas

Lesson SynopsisStudents will make clear the growth, expansion, and impact of the cows industry and railroads onTexas History. Students will collect information about people and occasions and then make use of this information to analyze cowboy beautifully constructed wording. TEKS some. 4| Background.. The student recognizes the political, economic, and social changes in Texas over the last half of the nineteenth century. The student is expected to: | four. 4B| Make clear the growth, expansion, and effect of the cows industry, which include contributions of Charles Goodnight, Richard King, and Lizzie Johnson. | 4. 4C| Identify the effect of railroads on existence in Texas, including changes to cities and major companies. | 4. 20| Science, technology, and society.. Students understands the effect of scientific research and technology on life in The state of texas. The student can be expected to: | 4. 20A| Identify popular inventors and scientists including Gail Borden, Joseph Glidden, Michael DeBakey, and Millie Hughes-Fulford and their contributions. | Social Studies Skills TEKSPerformance Indicators Quality 04 Sociable Studies Product 09 PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY 02Analyze a poem to describe the impact the cattle market had for the Texas life-style. Standard(s): four. 4B, В 4. 4C, В 4. 20A, В 4. 21A, В 4. 21B, В 4. 21C, В 4. 21D, В 4. 22D ELPS ELPS. c. 5B

Key Understandings * All-natural resources support the economical development of The state of texas —     Just how did the cattle market develop and what was its impact on The state of texas? —     How did railroads impact your life in The state of texas? Vocabulary of Instruction * agriculture 5. cattle drive * supply and demand | * barbwire * train * economical growth      | * windmill       * ranch               | Supplies * Americo Paredes: * BBC Bitesize: * laptop * internet * discharge screen *...


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