п»їCody Miller


English 1106

8 Might 2015

Final Reflection Diary

I have learned a lot in English 1106. The many readings, writing, and discussions allowed me to understand the key goals of the course, including developing quarrels on positions, researching covers and having a thesis, and conduct field research in lots of ways. These different goals helped contribute to a much better understanding of the course topic, which weighs about heavily in culture. We worked to know how relatives life, good friends, and conditions helped affect culture.

Many readings helped me know how culture can be influenced around the globe, including " Case Research: Global Concerns. ” This content helped describe that the advancement technology has influenced globalization of the world and changed traditions on a wider scale. A thing that affects a single part of the world now affects a complete different place on an additional side on the planet. This article helped influence my estimation for the contextualized examination paper, which might be the assignment that was mostly related to the theme of the class. This helped me study that traditions is not just motivated by the people and environment you are about. Globalization is both supporting and harming culture. It makes connection easier helping bridge the culture gap, but it also creates an identification crisis. People are becoming more similar to the point wherever culture appears to be dying away.

Moreover to my understanding of the theme of this class, I also learned a whole lot about me as a writer. I learned that I can take a broad idea, such as the fieldwork research newspaper, and help to make it in to my own. We were supposed to write about our encounters so far in college and how we (or a particular group) fit in. This kind of assignment helped me realize just how easy you should write about the own activities. When you are writing about your individual story, the writing runs much better.

Overall, I think that I are becoming a much better copy writer through...


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