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In our region textile companies are doing perfectly business. So many competitors will be in this sector. Lots of new companies entered the foreign exchange market. From all of them we choose two cement company for the report. All of us collect their very own financial statement & analyze them inside three strategies & we identify their comparative benefits. 1 . you Origin: This is actually the report comes from our FIN-245 subject. The course teacher Ms. Tarana Majid orally authorized the task of organizing the report to a group of scholar. She offered this report to learn the way to assess the economical statements. To adhere to the syllabus of our subject matter so we have to do some relevant study based on our record. That's why this topic comes forward. 1 . 2 Opportunity: We worked on Ashraf linen mills limited. & Saiham textile mills ltd pertaining to our survey.

1 ) 3 Limitat ion: Our company is very happy because we built our statement within several limitations and overcome it. For prepare this record we confronted some obstacle. When we ready this survey all required data can be not available. For this we presume some of the data to complete the record. On the other hand whenever we go to accumulate the economical statement we were unable to found our necessary statement books. Finally, 1 limitation was on deficit of knowledge that was reduced to create this statement a better a single. 1 . some Sour ce of Data: To get our statement we collect data for locating & examination. At first we collected the annual survey & have financial transactions of two companies'. We all also collected some info from the internet. 1 . 5 Methodol ogy: Usually, we had to adhere to a particular means for collecting data to finish the survey accurately. At first we make Income Assertion, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow on a excel piece. Than we all analysis the Income Assertion & the Balance Sheet using the common sizing & indexing method. Finally we utilized the 11 financial percentages for the ratio analysis. 2

2 . zero Brief History of company:

Saiham Linen Ltd.

Late Syed Sayeed Uddin Ahmed & Begum Hamida Banu, in remembrance of whom, Saiham Textile Generators Limited has derived the name of the company; may have been proud to know how well all their offspring have got managed and extended the corporation. Saiham Textile Mills was set up in Noyapara, Hobiganj district in the year 1982 with an annual capacity of 7. 5 meters yards of finished towel. It was pre-loaded with modern and sophisticated machineries from Asia. Initially it was a weaving cloth, dyeing creating and polishing off plant. Saiham Textile claims to be the leader in introducing the concept of contemporary fabrics in Bangladesh. These people were one of the first fabric mills to start international regular polyester cloth, TC textile, synthetic and Georgette sarees online with mix border. The mother organization of the present conglomerate is currently comprised of diverse industrial concerns. The entrepreneurship of Saiham, consists of five directors, most from the same family. Though a company operate and been able by family, the standard and efficiency with the management would not compromise about its top quality. Ashraf Fabric mills Limited.

Ashraf textile mills ltd is among the another business which is work and been able by family, the standard and efficiency with the management would not compromise upon its quality.


Ashraf Textile Mills Ltd.

New DOSH, Mohakhali

Dhaka - 1212

Ph level: 9887051-53

Fernkopie: 9887033


3. 0 Findings & Analysis:

According to our statement subject each of our main aim is discovering the difference between two corporations financial assertion. Also you want to find out which company is more secure & which is not stable. From the financial affirmation we can identify our requirements. In beneath we give the finding & analysis in basis of company's financial affirmation. 3. one particular Analyze of Income Statement, Balance

Sheet among two companies's:

In below we intend to discuss about the two companies balance sheet, Profits Statement & Cash flow...


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