This civilizations of America had been truly probably the most advanced and thriving cultures the world has ever arrive to see. There is no wander which the Spanish colonizers were amazed at what they were seeing. They did not have technologies as advanced as those that had been develop in The european countries. However they did have an complicated architecture, outstanding buildings, and great fostering methods. Therefore the civilizations in the old America were spectacular and advanced civilizations.

The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations held great expertise when it came to structure, which allowed them to help to make roads, pyramids, and water sources systems that made their lifestyle considerably more sophisticated. The spanish language conqueror HernГЎn CortГ©s him self describes in document 3 how shocked he was by magnificence of TenochtitlГЎn. Without even modern equipment these cultures were able to create things away of rock and roll that weighted tons and were able to do that with finely-detailed and wonderful structural magnificence. The Aztec and Internet pyramids, just like Tikal observed in document one particular, have opposed all these years because their very own symmetric condition has superb structural power. It is now known that a pyramid has the least amount of material surface area possible to enclose a given volume of space when building with smooth surfaces. They will took good thing about this to generate gigantic temples and homes that were correctly carved and therefore are true architectural beauty. Also the map we see in document a few shows the way the roads that Inca manufactured were the most extensive and advanced travel system ever before seen before the Columbian South America. Extending to get thousands of kilometers and having hundreds of divisions the road system made the communication and transportation between cities simpler. The irrigation system is perhaps one of the most impressing of any of the types ever viewed. In document 4, Garcilazo de la Vega describes the cleverness from the Inca because they build this system. This individual explains how it was the best way to...


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