Borden's real issue began once Ventres spent nearly $2 billion in acquisitions in 1986 - 1991. This developed few problems that would later on amount and be a huge issue that would bring about Borden's final downfall. To start with Borden was left with 91 new promising small to medium-sized businesses under the reign and with only one plan on how to make it all succeed, that was by combining manufacturing and distribution and marketing the regional brands into additional markets. Second problem is that little to no time (just 2-3 weeks in some cases) was committed to do a proper research and analysis on which companies to obtain and which not. Possibly some of the 91 companies helped bring little to no worth to Borden and made that harder to define the manufacturer. Third difficulty was the several management variations and concepts between D'Amato and Ventres. Ventres wanted to expand the company at all cost and was fine with having many uncentralized operations whilst D'Amato wished to centralize every thing in order to lessen cost and keep better charge of operations. 4th problem was due to the amount of new acquisitions that Borden didn't recognized on which companies or items to focus and exploit and therefor left many unexploited opportunities that may have helped bring them bigger earnings. Borden didn't focus on their recognized and successful brands either, they under no circumstances push those to innovate and create new items. For example the glowing opportunity in 1980 to expand their very own ice cream directly into super-premium your favorite ice cream was remaining completely untouched. The fifth problem was Borden's inability to conform with specific changes like the drop inside the price of raw dairy in 1992. D'Amato thought that because Borden was a well-recognized and leading brand pertaining to milk that they didn't had to lower their particular prices because their milk was " better” than that of all their competitors. This didn't took long before people realize that milk was milk no matter the brand and that it was absurd to pay these kinds of a higher price pertaining to...


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