1-From the perspectives, correspondingly, of Blend and Mitsubishi, What is the essence in the problem? The essence in the problem, from Fusion's perspective, is that the Japan patent system favored Japan companies over foreign corporations. The main difference that enable this realization are the restricted breath of patent insurance in The japanese, which incentivizes a large pool area of applications for patents and the feasibility of inventing around with limited attempts. Also the long lead-time of the application process, and also mandatory disclosure when processing the application, let other companies to early be familiar with innovation and claim against the validity of the patent system. Fusion presumed that all Mitsubishi's innovations were based on the root technology already developed by Blend and covered by their patent filing. Blend believed the fact that spherical bulb for elevating the speed of the turn on and resonant technology were possibly obvious or perhaps did not get worse any benefit to the creativity. Mitsubishi, however, believed the essential problem was that Fusion did not commit a proper method for the Japanese patent law. Based on the Japanese patent law, Mitsubishi believed that their technology was totally different compared to Fusion's technology, mainly driven by resonant technology and circular bulb that Mitsubishi employed. Mitsubishi thought that employing nonresonant technology and linear bulb manufactured the product distinct, at least in the Japan patent environment. 2-What will each get together want from your other?

Japanese patent office granted the patent to Mitsubishi pertaining to the invention of the microwave light technology using a spherical bulb and resonant technology. This incentivized Mitsubishi to ask Blend for a licensing agreement that forces Blend to pay out either a one-time payment or maybe a royalty fee for the use of their technology in Japan. Mitsubishi believed the fact that technology was invented by simply them, while the Japanese patent office...


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