Life Shabitha Arumugarajah

Precisely what is life?

" What is lifestyle, ” this might be a thought that all many people ponder? Everybody holds a different sort of perspective in life, I remember once my personal chemistry instructor telling me that " life is simply the transferring of electrons, ” yet a biologist or a poet person might tell you otherwise. ” According to the dictionary life is " The condition that distinguishes creatures from inorganic objects and dead creatures, being described by growth through metabolic rate, reproduction, and the power of variation to the environment through changes originating in house. ” In my opinion that the proper way to analyze what life is simply by distinguishing the differences of a livening and a non living organism being a living patient has your life and a non living organism does not. Living creatures acquire 6 characteristics; they could reproduce, reply to the environment, they require organizations, they take in material and generate waste, they grow and develop and so they require energy. Therefore life is just a name given to an organism that posses all the characteristics as listed above. For example a plant responds to the environment by going towards the sun light to absorb the power or by opening up it is leaves, they have the ability to duplicate through it is seeds, crops need additional organisms in order for it to survive, crops take in o2 and excrete carbon dioxide, vegetation grow and in addition they require the suns strength in order to make it through. Therefore we would say that a plant can be alive or has " life. ”

How do we examine life?

Life is studied in biology, biology is the analyze of existence because in biology we all analyze specimens, like mini organisms and bigger organisms like the body through microscopes. We also further examine the six characteristics of life in biology. Simply by experimentation, and observing different things like cellular material and pets, and trying to establish fact simply by finding a routine..

Why do we analyze about existence in biology?

Very well we analyze...


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