In this test we utilized dried split peas to extract the DNA and observed the protein isolate.


The purpose of the experiment was going to learn the actual process was to extract DNA. You also learned the characteristics of DNA and go to observe them.


I do think the DNA will be important to observe.



* Alcohol

* Food blender

* Water

* Drinking eyeglasses

* Testing cup

* Paper towels

5. Freezer

* Tea spoon

* Cheesecloth

* Detergent

* Rubberized band

* Papain dust

* Break up pea handbag

* Check tube

5. Salt packets

* Stirring rod


1 . Take those split peas and the sodium packets through adding to the mixer. 2 . Add 1 cup of cold water to the food blender

several. Blend the split peas, water, and salt combination on the substantial setting for approximately 30 seconds. four. Place the cheesecloth over a consuming glass and secure it in place which has a rubber band. 5. Pour the items of the mixer into the glass allowing it to tension through the cheesecloth. 6. Take away the cheesecloth from the cup and discard inside the trash. several. Add the detergent and carefully stir the solution while using stirring rod and rinse your stirring fishing rod after. almost eight. Place the answer in refrigerator for a couple of minutes.

9. Following 10 minutes increased fill a test conduit 1/3 complete.

15. Pour half the papain powdered into the evaluation tube and gently mix the solution. eleven. Get alcoholic beverages from refrigerator. Hold the test out tube by a 45 degree angle and slowly put the liquor to the answer until there are equal sums. 12. Slowly and gradually turn test tube to up right position and allow settling intended for 1 day. 13. Observe the two layers of the DNA

14. When ever finished throw away of the solution and clean utensils used.


The DNA was white stringy filament products; I was planning on more DNA than that though.


The fact that lab worked


The experiment confirmed what DNA would...


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