In the enjoy Billy Budd, the author, Hermann Melvinne, creates two conflicting character people which are described as good and evil. Ruben Claggart (Master-At-Arms) tries to eliminate Billy Budd because he is jealous of Billy's popularity and acceptance among the team. There is also a conflict involving Captain Vere when he is forced to decide on the destiny of Billy Budd after he kills Claggart.

Billy is known as a handsome, young sailor, fresh to the ship and wanting to impress. Billy becomes very popular with the staff. When finding Billy accepted by the team it will remind him from the their hate for him and this individual becomes jealous. The Dankster's conversation with Claggart as well shows his fear that he will drop the power he held through the fear of others when he says В‘they turn from hating you to caring him, and leave you impotent'. Claggart becomes determined in destroying Billy's reputation. Claggart В‘lives on hurting people' and his wicked nature dominates through his attempts to create down Billy throughout the perform such as if he orders Noise to В‘put that new seaman Budd on report' and when this individual lies for the captain and falsely accuses Billy of starting a mutiny. Billy is innocent in a sense that he has done no incorrect which leads to his impaired and naГЇve view of evil. The Dankster tries to warn Billy that В‘nobody's friend is usually Jimmy-Legs' and by saying В‘he is upon you' but he would not see Claggart to be a threat of virtually any sort. Billy's innocence and devotion to good do not allow him begin to see the evil in Claggart which is trying to destroy him but ultimately conflict resulting in the murder of Claggart from a blow by Billy.

Billy's retaliation leads to another conflict among good and evil wherever Captain Vere must determine Billy's fate after this individual commits a crime punishable simply by death following killing Claggart. Vere wants Billy's figure and probably would not like to observe Billy offer death. Vere accepts that Claggart triggered Billy's retaliation by resting and can view the evil in Claggart yet...


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